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Flavilla Fongang: Founder of 3 Colours Rule talks Marketing, Health and Under-represented markets in the Media

Episode Summary

Flavilla Fongang: Founder of 3 Colours Rule talks Marketing, Under-represented markets in the Media, Health and Work Life Balance On today's episode of Inspire Pod, we are joined by Flavilla Fongang, Founder of 3 Colours Rule. Flavilla moved to London from the ghetto's in Paris to study, where she began to see more under-represented markets on the Television and in the Media. Several years after working in the corporate world, Flavilla took the leap of faith and set up her exciting Marketing Strategist Business in 3 Colours Rule. She now works with leading global institutions such as TechUK, BBC and HSBC! Furthermore, she works tirelessly to help more black representation and females in to the UK Tech market. More about Flavilla: • Founded the 3 Colours rule in 2008, which is a Branding and Creative Agency with neuroscience expertise • Been an advisor to major institutions such as BBC, Said Business School, TechUK, HSBC and Facebook • LinkedIn recognised her as one of the most influential female business leaders • Was invited at the Palais de L’Elisee by President of France, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, and President of Ghana, Mr. Nana Akufo-Adlo, to discuss business opportunities across Africa in 2019 As we are going through a period of change which can be challenging for many people, we truly hope this Podcast comes at a time when the advice and tips can be used most. Follow us on: Web: Instagram: @Inspire.Pod LinkedIn: Hosted by @kskang89 Video and Editing by @TimesMedia_